HP-UX Support

Our operating support services are geared to maximise the performance of customers operating systems.Nyco Solutions can efficiently troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve operating system failures through 24x7 software technical support. Nyco Solutions will also confirm overall health and functionality of systems through routine, scheduled system checks and provide analysis feedback as required. Contact will be directly to an engineer using a client specific phone number and our dedicated support email address.

  • Perform troubleshooting and repair of HP9000 HPUX series systems. The newer RX series must be running HPUX to be able to get the troubleshooting info.

  • Obtain applicable logs for troubleshooting. The information available depends on the server series, and if the server is currently up or down.

  • Access the server MP (management processor) to view logs, FRU lists (processor, memory, system boards, server hardware status, etc. (This is different depending on the server series. Some series provide more information that others).

  • Identified/managed the spare items required for each customer. Generally, the single point of failure items plus the common items like drives, memory, fans, etc.

  • Perform online and offline diagnostics.

  • Decode server HPMC (High Priority Machine Check) information from the tombstone files.

  • Update/upgrade server firmware (firmware files must be provided by the customer as they are no longer available to anyone without an active HP hardware or software contract).

  • Provide a plan of action/direction to an FE on-site if I'm not the one responding to the service call physically.

  • We can connect to systems remotely. There must be an available laptop onsite with a serial DB9 port, team viewer, putty or some other telnet program, and means for the laptop to access the internet. Typical "crash carts" with a monitor, keyboard and mouse cannot be used. A system admin generally needs to be available.

  • Routine disk drive replacements require the admin to remove the physical drive from the volume group, and once it is replaced, they need to re-enable the drive for use in the OS, re-sync the mirror, etc.

  • Other repair actions can be either hot-swap or not, depending on the item being replaced. An admin person must be available to shutdown the OS gracefully, if needed, to prevent file corruption.

The service we offer is designed to support the field engineers should additional help be required. We do not offer an on-site service.

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