About Us

Established in 1988, NYCO Limited is part of the NYCO Group and is an IBM Partner in Development and a member of the IBM Solution Developers Programme. Today, the company is the U.K.'s leading force in iSeries & AS/400 automation development.

NYCO's exclusive suite of iSeries & AS/400 automation products help you manage, monitor and audit your iSeries & AS/400 operation without compromising or disrupting existing methodologies and systems.

NYCO specialises in iSeries & AS/400 Technical Consultancy and develops tailor-made software and hardware for customers using the IBM iSeries & AS/400.

We have brought together experience, technical knowledge and a proven track record to offer the highest quality of service in iSeries monitoring, support and systems management. Our customers and clients are globally distributed and we can deliver services seamlessly wherever required.

Our software packages offer:
⦿ Remote hardware monitoring client for iSeries & AS/400 IBM systems;
⦿ Message monitoring and texting/paging/e-mail tool for iSeries & AS/400 systems;
⦿ Filtered message monitoring tool for low budget environments;
⦿ System status monitoring of machines connected to a network.

In addition to hardware and system message monitoring, our sister company NYCO Solutions offers support and managed services for OS/400 and AIX systems including DB2 and Oracle database support.

Throughout history, organisations and individuals use data to make informed decisions. In our current world, we are increasingly becoming more reliant on electronic data processed by computers. Our mission is to provide tools and services seamlessly to ensure computer systems remain operational and reliable.

The NYCO Group has brought together 32 years of experience and service delivery to offer well tested solutions and finely tuned services. Our hardware monitoring and messaging products can improve the productivity of IT personnel by up 20% whilst our support and managed services can reduce overhead running costs by up to 60%.