OS Support(AS/400 &AIX), Managed Services, SQL Database Services.

NYCO Solutions provides support services for IBM iSeries,AS/400 and other server platforms. We offer a quality service globally to organisations. Whether you need preventative services that repair or optimize system performance, including basic installation, contract maintenance and per-incident software repair, maintenance and support services, our experienced team can offer you options and solutions.
Our key services include:

  • Service Level Agreement Support
  • CL Programming and Query writing
  • Network Trouble shooting TCIP/SNADS/FTP
  • New Installations of System upgrades
  • HMC/LPARS setup
  • Standard Operating System Support
  • Enhanced System Support
  • Basic System Administration & Operation Support
  • Advanced System Administration & Operation Support
  • Complete Administration & Operation Support
  • User and profile management
  • HMC Management
  • Library (LIB)) and Database management(DB)
  • Objects management
  • Program Temporary Fix (PTF) and Cumulative PTF fixes
  • Monthly tasks
  • Initial Program Load (IPL)
  • Backup, Recovery and Media Services(BRMS)
  • System save tasks
  • Message and joblog monitor
  • Integrated File System (IFS) management
  • Performance Management and Tuning
  • Storage
  • Active Subsystems & Jobs
  • Scheduled Job Entries
  • Spool Files
  • Job Queues
  • Device Status
  • House Keeping
  • Problem Log
  • Backups
  • System Usage
  • Program Temporary Fixes
  • Data modeling, database design and audits
  • Oracle DBA Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Services
  • MySQL SQL Services
  • SQL Server Monitoring
  • Performance tuning, capacity planning and optimization
  • Upgrades, migrations, replication

NEMS/400 is a hardware problem message monitoring and reporting tool, for the IBM iSeries & AS/400. Primarily designed for the independent hardware maintenance market, NEMS/400 can however be utilised by any user as an addition to their existing cover. NEMS/400 has two main components: the PMC (Problem Management Centre) and the Client Module. The Client module comes in two flavours, i.e. standalone or network system.

MESSENGER/400 is a message monitoring and texting/paging/e-mail tool, which has been developed by NYCO Ltd. The product has been in the market since 1991, and enjoyed great success. MESSENGER/400 allows you to send system, application and manually generated messages to a mobile phone, pager or e-mail.

TEXTA/400 is in essence a 'mini messenger'. Designed to fit into the business running a restricted budget, TEXTA/400 will allow you to monitor one message queue and have those messages sent to a single or multiple mobile phones and/or pagers and/or e-mails. Obviously not every message is required so a limited degree of message filtration via severity levels has been introduced.