About Us 

NYCO Solutions is part of the NYCO Group providing support services to customers with a range of operating systems and hardware configurations. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals have a well established track record of providing services globally. NYCO Limited and NYCO Solutions work hand in hand to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored to each custome needs.

Our services include a range of support service packages or the IBM iSeries range of computers, managed services, SQL database support services across several platforms, network and configuration services for linux servers.

We offer ad-hoc support and service level agreement (SLA) support. Both types of support are offered with :
⦿ Response time (the time it takes for NYCO Solutions to acknowledge a call or email advising of a problem).
⦿ Resolution time (the time it takes to actually fix the problem).

We offer three tiers of support(first, second and thrird line support). Most often, customers using our services opt for a support package which includes a range of services available at an agreed fee. Our packaged support services will include online helpdesk support, remote support, advice via email, conference calls and report.

Our support model uses both proactive and reactive modes of support. We prefer to have some proactive elements in place that would alert when something goes wrong. Our monitoring services in NYCO Limited offers a comprehensive service for the IBM iSeries computers.However some fixes are reactive in that they can only be resolved when an nissue arise.

NYCO Solutions managed services operate quite differently. The managed service continually and proactively monitors making changes to systems to ensure that things do not go wrong in the first place. Intelligent systems are set up to enable the help desk team to work on fixes behind the scenes remaining proactive without the customer knowing that there could have been a problem.