OS400 Support

Our operating support services are geared to maximise the performance of customers operating systems.Nyco Solutions can efficiently troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve operating system failures through 24x7 software technical support. Nyco Solutions will also confirm overall health and functionality of systems through routine, scheduled system checks and provide analysis feedback as required. An IBM SWMA is required for OS upgrades, PTF's and updates. Contact will be directly to an engineer using a client specific phone number and our dedicated support email address.

  • A dedicated support team

  • Critical 24x7x365 coverage

  • Accelerated escalation management

  • Conference call planning and review meetings

  • Patches and update installation

  • Remote monitoring, analysis and management

Standard Operating System Support
Our Operating support gives you as a client access to a team of iSeries professionals with many years of experience across a wide variety of industries. Below are some of the items our engineers can assist your company. We are able to provide OS Support for OS400 versions 5.1 to 7.2

  • Questions surrounding start-up and shutdown procedures

  • General OS trouble shooting

  • Data transfer and migratio

  • Backup and restore procedures using best practices

  • Assistance with configuring additional hardware to your iSeries

  • Diagnostic testing and reporting

  • Root cause analyses of system failures

  • Bi-annual health check of the OS

Enhanced System support
In addition to our standard system operating support we are able to provide:-

  • 365 x 24 automated monitoring of the iSeries for message actions and events using Messenger/400 providing notification via email.

  • Regular notification of predefined conditions, e.g. Disk space, CPU thresholds

  • Manage System Operator message queues, system journaling and system history

  • Assist in the management of backups

Basic System Administration & Operation Support
All features included within Enhanced System support plus the following:

  • Manage routine system workload, e.g. over-night batch processing, system clean-up; notify client of exceptions

  • Manage the IPL (reboot) schedule and its automated startup procedures

  • Review the Backup status for content and implementation; this ought to be a regular activity

  • Manage User Profiles: creation, changes, deletion, reset-passwords ; review the user profiles with special authorities (privileges)

  • Manage the broadcasting of system-wide (internal) messages

  • Manage spool-files, printer-configuration and operation

  • Manage the systems 'Work-Management', i.e. Subsystems and Job Queues

  • Manage the System (Messages) Reply-List Entries and Domain Names' Host Table Entries

Advanced System Administration & Operation Support
All features included within Basic System Administration & Operation Support plus the following:

  • Maintain System Management and Operations Documentation

  • Manage Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring: Analyse the data and make recommendations and where approved by the client, make the necessary changes

  • Maintain Operating System: Apply Cumulative and Group PTF packages, individual PTFs

  • Provide regularly scheduled batch jobs for DASD cleanup for system logs and journals based upon customer requests

  • Manage network configuration: Lines, Controllers, Devices and TCP/IP Applications

  • Implement Customer requested OS/400 configuration changes necessary to maintain

  • satisfactory application Performance (additional fees may apply)
  • Manage Change-Control Procedures: e.g. In-House and 3rd-Party Application

  • Custom CL Programming (additional fees may apply)

  • Maintain authorities, permissions, and ownership of all OS objects

Complete System Administration & Operation Support
All features included within Basic and Advanced System Administration & Operation Support plus the following:

  • Manage the IBM Automated Job Scheduler

  • Maintain an independent copy of BRMS recovery report for system recovery

  • Configure scheduled backups of OS/400, configuration, security, licensed program products,and other IBM support objects

  • Configure scheduled backups of customer application and data objects (Customer to specify)

  • Verify the integrity and perform object restores as requested (2 free per month)

  • Produce scheduled batch jobs for DASD cleanup for application IFS objects and directories

  • Provide password resets for all system users and group profiles

  • Input schedules for batch jobs to automated job scheduler

  • Input scheduled additions, deletions or changes to scheduled jobs

  • Change the attributes of a spooled file

  • Examine and respond to printer messages

  • Provide user and group profile administration for all application user profiles without special authorities. This includes creation and deletion of these user profiles, password reset, profile expiration, and verification of ownership.

  • Maintain responsibility for application software and APIs

  • Correct customer application related errors logged in job logs, message queues, and/or the system history log

  • Stage and promote programs into production.

  • Research and resolve promotion failures

  • System recovery as a result of a hardware or operating system failure

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