Managed Services 

NYCO Solution offers a proactive service of management of systems allowing organisations to cut costs. Its an alternative to break/fix on demand support which can incurr significant down time of systems. The operative distinction that sets apart our managed services from other support services is the proactive delivery of the service compared with a reactive service. A contractual agreement sets out the quality performance metrics and customer expectations.

Advantages of a managed service

  • Stay up to date with technology allowing systems to remain current.

  • Expertise - access to the necessary skills that address a range of issues.

  • Better risk management.

  • Ensure quality of service.

  • Cost control.

  • Prevention versus cure.

  • Strategic approach.

  • Improved planning.

  • Flexibility.

Common components of managed services

  • Software updates.

  • User and authentication administration.

  • Data backup and recovery.

  • Data storage and warehousing.

  • Systems monitoring, management and security.

What does it involve?
Our managed service provides ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on behalf of the customer.

NYCO Solutions can offer alerts, security configuration, patch management, data backup and recovery for client devices and applications. We take responsibility for routine infrastructure management so the the customer can concentrate on running the business with fewer interruptions due to IT issues.

Typically we will perform an initial assessment of you the current IT system/environment and determine the management requirements to help with deciding which level of service best fit the needs.

Unlike traditional outsourcing situations, where complete control of IT assets are surrendered, the custome decides what they want and NYCO Solutions takes care of what is required. The customer retains full visibility into the process and management of systems. The managed system model give more expense predictability than consultant-type costs.

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