SQL Database Services 

The managed database service looks after the day-to-day running, maintenance and backup of your databases. The service includes databse set up and configuration, cluster management, health monitoring, integrity checking, regular housekeeping, user management, performance tuning and incident handling.

Service Overview

  • Requirements analysis - assessment of individual database, requirements and type of management needed.

  • Database availability and health monitoring.

  • Incident diagnosis and incident recovery.

  • Backup schedules and task management.

  • User permissions and authority management.

  • Installation of database vendor patches and fixes.

  • Configuration changes.

  • Monthly service reports.

Common components of managed services
Requirements analysis - This includes the identification of essential "real world" information", removal of redundant details, clarification of natural language statements, discussions about gaps and distinguishing data and operations.

Database availability and health monitoring - The use of management agents and scripts to monitor database availibility and database health utilising event logs, index usage database and log sizes.

Database incident management - The mangement of monitoring alerts including incident diagnosis and incident recovery and associated remedial action.

Backup schedules and task management - Full daily backup of database physical data to a defined backup solution and success checks.

Installation of database vendor patches and fixes - liaison with vendor technical support regarding patches, fixes and updates.

Configuration changes - Respond to request for implementation of minor configuration changes and tweaks as outlined in customer driven requirements. Impact and risk assessment of proposed changes. Maintenance of a log of changes and a summary of changes provided in the monthly report.

Monthly service reports - Standard monthly report of service incidents, changes implemented during the repor period and upcoming scheduled maintenance activities.

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