NEMS/400 is NYCO’s iSeries & AS/400 hardware problem monitoring and reporting product. Designed originally for the independent hardware maintenance market, the product has enjoyed wide critical acclaim.

NEMS Overview graphic

The main purpose of the product is to take hardware failure messages and transmit them to a central location; from where an engineer can evaluate the information received and determine the course of action needed to rectify the problem. The product has two components; a client system and a host system. The host system (or Problem Management Centre - PMC) is loaded at the central data collection site, whilst the client is loaded at the customer's site. Space and machine resource requirements on the client systems are kept to a minimum.

With NEMS/400 it perfectly possible for you to be able to provide a solution even before the client realises that they have a problem. Thus for any given problem, prompt and accurate responses are attainable. This has the advantage of not relying on human effort to notice a problem exists, and reporting it. For the customer, they have the benefit of peace of mind, knowing that their maintenance provider is constantly monitoring their system. Leaving them to do their job, while you do yours.

The products main features are:

  • Automated trapping and transmission of problems from the client site.
  • Automated relay of problem details to field engineers.
  • Optimisation of response and turnaround times.
  • Detailed Problem Log information being collected and displayed at a central site.
  • Full rack configuration details of machines monitored.
  • Built in Shift Schedules to cater for “downtime”.
  • Regular “heartbeat” failsafe ensuring contact between client and the PMC (Problem Management Centre).
  • Multi machine networks monitored through the Network Client.
  • Output reports available to printer, e-mail and text/pager messages.

Housekeeping options are available on the PMC to adjust how long data is kept and hence how much disc space is used.

A “heartbeat” failsafe feature that regularly checks communication between the client and PMC is still available. With NEMS/400, “no news is bad news,” so we want to know about it. Problem Messages received from the client machine are time-stamped, a report is generated and tagged with the current rack configuration and then archived. These reports can be automatically relayed to a chosen printer, e-mail address, mobile phone or pager, whatever is best suited to your response team. Problem message details include the following: - problem number, problem function, first level text, message ID, OS/400 message ID, date and time, machine serial number and reference code.


Hardware monitoring and reporting for the IBM iSeries & AS/400.